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Fillet Steak 225g / 300g / 400g


Fareham’s Fillet Steak at Rancho Steakhouse
Are you someone with a deep appreciation for the finer things in life? Then, Rancho Steakhouse Fareham’s Fillet Steak is the choice for you. Cut from the most tender part of the cattle, the meat delivers a flavor sensation that’s umami-rich and luxuriously buttery. This slow-cooked delicious delight is fit for a king, and we proudly serve it to our royal guests, like you. Come join us and satiate your meat cravings with our best in class steak.


Rancho Steakhouse’s Fillet Steak Extravaganza
Imagine this: You’re sitting comfortably at Rancho Steakhouse in Fareham. You’ve ordered and you’re waiting, the smell of grilled meat wafting through the air. Then a plate arrives, carrying the superstar of our menu – the Fillet Steak. Grilled to perfection, seared and robust on the outside, and tender on the inside. The first bite leaves you raving about the flavors that dissipate slowly on your palate. A mouth-watering gustatory experience that insists on repeated indulgence! Don’t wait any longer, hop in now and enjoy the gastronomic experience.


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